CHF 36.00
Includes a Font License
for Cornbread Fat

Cornbread the Legend
Published by Maxitype, 2024
Hardcover, 156 pages
21.8 × 27.8 cm
B/W offset printed on 2 types of paper
Edition of 800 copies

Cornbread the Legend depicts the legendary story of Darryl ‘Cornbread’ McCray, the pioneer of modern graffiti. Explore archive newspapers, drawings, photographs, and an interview by Maxitype revealing his groundbreaking impact on the Hip Hop movement.

ISBN 978-2-9701730-4-5

CHF 36.00
Includes a Font License
for MX Archeology

Archeology of Consequent Forms
Orlando Brunner
Published by Maxitype and VC-Edition, 2024
Sewn Bound Softcover, 328 pages
21 × 29.7 cm
B/W offset print
Edition of 800 copies

Archeology of Consequent Forms explores the use of neural-network-based artificial intelligence in the creative process of a typeface.

ISBN 978-2-9701730-5-2

CHF 22.00

The Printed Page and Its Digital Doubles
Published by Marietta Eugster and Andreas Koller, 2024
Softcover, 232 pages
approx. 1700 images

HARD COPY, SOFT COPY maps the shift in publishing, dissemination, and reception, from print to digital, mirrored in the trajectory of the typeface ‘Schmalfette Grotesk’ by Swiss designer Walter F. Haettenschweiler from the 1950s up to today.

ISBN 978-2-9701730-1-4

CHF 4.00
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Maxitype Journal №1
Published by Maxitype, 2024
Saddle stitch, 40 pages
7.875 × 10.5 in
B/W newsprint
Edition of 1’200 copies

Maxitype Journal №1 is published on the occasion of the New York Art Book Fair 2024 and includes background information and references about the following typefaces: Metaballs, Rhymes, Signs, Selecta, OCR-X, Eurocat, Mosaic, Cornbread, Maligne. Essays by Jonas Berthod and Maxitype.

CHF 35.00
Includes a Font License
for OCR-X Regular

OCR-X Type Specimen
Published by Maxitype, 2023
Designed by Eurostandard
Perfect Bound, 48 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm
Offset printed with 5 PMS
Edition of 700 copies

OCR-X Type Specimen showcases OCR-X, designed by Eurostandard and Maximage, a homage to and an extension of the infamous OCR-A typeface from 1966. With an essay by Jonas Berthod and The (X)erox Tales ASCII comic.

ISBN 978-2-9701730-0-7

CHF 20.00

Selecta Type Specimen
Published by Maxitype, 2022
Designed by Giliane Cachin
Softcover, 32 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm
Offset printed with 3 PMS
Edition of 700 copies

Selecta Type Specimen compares Selecta with a series of modern historical typefaces by means of diagrams. This typographic study exposes the research on the ‘grotesque’ genre that led to the design of this typeface by Maximage.


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170 gsm
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Modelo Type Specimen, 2020
Published on the occasion of the
Jan Tschichold Award 2020
Designed by Marietta Eugster
Softcover, 16 pages, 23.5 × 31.5 cm
Offset printed with 2 PMS
Edition of 500 copies

Modelo Type Specimen is overprinted in silver and red inks on the first 16-page signature of The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2019 catalogue. Special thanks to Nicole Udry and Teo Schifferli.


Rhymes Type Specimen, 2021
Designed by Martin Groch & Jakub Samek
Softcover, 24 Pages, 21 × 28 cm
Offset print in black on
Fedrigoni Nature Touch 95 gsm
Limited edition of 150 copies

Rhymes Type Specimen has been published on the occasion of the Jan van Eyck Academy Open Studios 2021. With texts by Persis Bekkering and Jakub Samek.